A Connected Payment Experience
Seamless integration between Bitcoin and
- all under one platform.
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Enhance your payment platform through one simple integration

Built to scale

Our Bitcoin engine provides a robust and flexible architecture that allows wallets to be configured for specific merchant requirements

Integrate with ease

With GBL Pay at the core, you can rapidly add payment service Providers without any need for additional development and integration.

Actionable insights at your fingertips

Obtain full visibility

Access an aggregated view of all of your transaction data from multiple payment sources in a single real-time dashboard.

Mitigate risk

Prevent fraud by detecting suspicious transaction activity before it happens.

Know your transactions

Integration with industry leading compliance software from Chainalysis provides you with up-to-date risk score analysis.

Engage with your customers more effectively.

Forge stronger relationships

Use tailored customer segment information to provide the best products and services for the markets you serve.

Easily identify trends

Rapidly pinpoint specific markers that can signal a critical trend before it's too late to react.

Data for decision making

Easily export all transaction data to be used with other accounting and marketing platforms for additional analysis.

Instill confidence. Build trust.

Security is embedded in all aspects of our products, systems, services and solutions.

DDoS-Protected Secure Hardware
Hot/Cold Wallet Management
Seamless Security Updates 
Software/Hardware Threat Monitoring 
Private Key Safeguards

API Integration Made Easy

Feature-rich and quick to implement, our modern APIs are built for developers.

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var options = {
   auth: {
        user: 'GBLPAY',
        pass: 'x'
    method: 'POST',
    url: 'https://uat.gblpay.pub/ wallet/deposit',
    form: {
        userReference: 'PLF-1234-5678-9012-34567890abcd',
        currency: 'BTC'
    headers: {
        'X-Tenant-Key': '57d55802-507a-47ca-8299-b6eb05c8ee0a'

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